Local. Trusted.


How awesome?

 - Rock solid guarantee - 24 months or 24,000 miles on parts and labor

 - Priced right (and financing is always available) 

 - Independent mechanic shop with flexibility and personal attention corporate outfits won't have

 - Clean, cool and comfortable waiting room

 - Domestic, import, Asian, European - we service every major car and motorcycle brand on the road today

 - Amazing local cafes within walking distance on Glisan St.

For more than 7 years Gearheads Motorworks on Glisan has been taking care of Portland's finest (and worst) vehicles. Domestic and imported, new and old, small problems to fully busted, the Gearheads crew have one goal - to get you up and running and out the door. And to make you happy while doing it.

Okay, that's two goals.

Gearheads Motorworks isn't the biggest auto shop in the Portland area, but we punch far above our weight class. Our size gives us flexibility larger outfits might not have. Besides, with the wide array of financing options we offer - why would you take your car anywhere else?

From Montavilla to Mt. Tabor, Sunnyside and Laurelhurst to Hollywood and Rose City Park, our reputation gained over the past near decade speaks for itself. We guarantee our work and our experience ensures you get quality work done at a good price. Guaranteed.

Call us today to find out more about the best kept secret in the world of Portland auto repair shops - Gearheads Motorworks.

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Need more reasons why we're
Portland's finest auto repair shop?


We work hard to get your vehicle fixed and back to you in the minimum time required


Netflix, Spotify, and air-conditioning - if you have to wait, we want you to be  comfy


We understand the Northwest and what it does to your car - we're Portland born and raised


Our independence gives us the ability to find better solutions for your unique situation than big corporations could


10,000 combined years of automotive repair experience (okay, maybe not that much, but a lot)


Auto repairs can come out of the blue - we offer varied and flexible financing options for your repairs


24 months or 24,000 miles on parts and labor - that's solid


Yeah, if you have to say it, you probably aren't - but come by and find out for yourself anyway

We service all major brands of automobiles
(and quite a few minor ones, too)

Come in today to discover Portland's finest auto repair shop -