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We are The Gearheads

At Gearheads Motorworks, we live our work.

And we love what we do.

Fixing cars and helping people is not just something we’re insanely good at, it’s also the awesomest thing we can imagine doing (within reason). It’s a talent and a gift honed over decades of working in garages, countless skinned knuckles and swear words.

Every day of the week we come into Gearheads Motorworks and strive to make the Gearheads name synonymous with the highest level of quality and personal attention paid to each and every project.

From fixing the brakes on a client’s out-of-warranty Subaru Outback to figuring out why a twenty-year-old Honda Civic won’t start to fixing a custom classic car to fully outfitting a Toyota Tacoma for a week-long trek in the woods, we put our all into each and every project that presents itself.


Because we know our customers are trusting us to do exemplary work. Our 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty tells them we will, our reputation speaks highly for us, but every time a new customer walks through the door, we’re ready to make sure they leave with the utmost confidence in our work.

And with a car that runs awesomer than when they brought it to us.

We don’t just work here. This is our life. We take our work seriously, and believe that every project we take on can become our best work to date.

Come in today or give us a call about any car problem you’re having. We’ll give you honest information and reliable service.

Thank you.

The Gearheads

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