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Gearheads Motorworks – the last name in Portland car repair shops

Montavilla is a perennial up-and-coming neighborhood in the Portland landscape. And whether you’ve lived here a long time or just moved in, know that you’re in luck – Portland’s finest auto repair shop is in your neighborhood. Gearheads Motorworks has been running their little slice of heaven for more than seven years on Glisan street and the best thing is – you’re gonna love us.


Simple. We offer honest, reliable and exemplary auto repair at reasonable prices.

The Best Warranty in Town

Computers? We don’t need no stinking computer!

Easy to say, sure, but when you back up your fine workmanship with the best warranty in town, it’s more than just talk – we’re walkin’ the walk, too. We guarantee the work we do and the parts we use for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. More than that, you know we’re gonna be here down the road, so you don’t have to keep explaining the unique problems of your car to yet another mechanic shop.

But that’s not all. We offer free brake inspections, free check engine light diagnostics, one of the most comfortable, coolest waiting rooms around and many excellent cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance. We don’t want you to have to wait, but if you do, we’ve got a small kitchen with coffee, we’ve got Netflix, Spotify, comfortable couches and, on those rare heatwaves, air-conditioning to make your wait bearable.

Montavilla Auto Repair Specialists

Here is just a quick list of the services we happily perform on a regular basis:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Brake jobs
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Check engine light diagnostics

Financing – for when you’re not flush

And if you have trouble coming up with the scratch to pay for the work that needs to be done on your vehicle, we work with a range of financial institutions in order to provide our fine customers with financing options. Although our rates are reasonable, everybody’s situation is different. Sometimes you need your car for work, but when you’re a little tapped out – that’s when our financing options swoop in to save the day.

Yes, we’re a small shop. But that’s to your benefit. Why? Because we’ve got the flexibility to work with you that larger shops won’t have or are unwilling to do. From financing to taking the time to discuss with you the right path forward for your unique vehicle and unique situation, Gearheads Motorworks is the go-to Montavilla auto repair shop.

We’re not gonna lie – Montavilla is just one of the many cool neighborhoods in the Portland area. But it’s the one we call home, and it’s the one where we’ve made our mark and built our business and reputation.

Your New Favorite Mechanic’s Shop

Here are a few more things we happily do every day for our customers:

  • Suspension parts replacement
  • CV joint repair and replacement
  • Engine work
  • Muffler replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Alternator replacement

Give us a call, fill out our contact form or just swing by the shop. We’d love to help you with your vehicle, whether its brake repair, engine diagnostics, custom car repair, regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance or just a weird noise that started up and you want to figure out what the heck it is so your anxiety attacks will subside.

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