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Gearheads Motorworks – the last name in Portland repair

North Tabor isn’t the biggest district in Portland, but it’s important to us here at Gearheads Motorworks. Wedged in between it’s more well-known sister neighborhoods of Mt. Tabor, Laurelhurst, Montavilla, Belmont and Hollywood, it’s often overlooked. But if you’re looking for the finest auto repair shop in North Tabor, you won’t need to look any further than Gearheads Motorworks.

We know, it’s a bold claim. But here’s why it’s totally true.

10,000 Years of Combined Experience*

Sure, we’re a newer shop and we may not have the hundred plus years of collective experience claimed by the service manager or their corporate overlords. But think about this – we’re just a couple of guys who wrench on cars. And we’ve been running this place for close to a decade.

At Gearheads you know the guy who works on your car will be there when you come back. We don’t cycle through mechanics every six months like some places that have a constantly rotating supply of sub-par workers. We love cars and we love working on them – and we’re going to be here year after year to make sure your car is running like a top every time.

*(not actually 10,000 years of experience – but a lot) 

The Best Warranty in Town

We love bringing new life to old cars… and continued life to newer cars

Hand-in-hand with our experience and the fact that we stand behind our work is our warranty – we guarantee the parts we use and the work we do for 24 months or 24,000 miles. That’s a long time for parts and labor. In fact it’s the best in the city. We don’t cheap out on parts and we don’t rush through a job. Sure, we work quickly, but we do our work well and we guarantee it – if something happens in the warranty period, we’re going to make it right. Not many North Tabor auto repair shops can say that, but we do.

North Tabor’s Auto Repair Specialists

Here is just a quick list of the services we would be more than happy to help you with:

  • Free check engine light diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Free brake inspections
  • Brake jobs to ensure you stop
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance

Financing? We got you.

We hate it when customers come in and find out the rattle they’ve been ignoring is now an expensive repair. We flat-out feel bad for them because most people need their cars for work or family or their day-to-day requirements. Our prices are already lower than many other North Tabor repair shops, so the next best option for many of our customers is financing.

We offer multiple financing options for our customers who are hit with a bigger-than-expected repair bill at just the wrong time. Feel free to ask us about the options available to you.


We’re small. We know it, and we don’t run from it. In fact, we embrace it. And for you, the customer, it’s a much better situation working with a small but established shop. Why? Because we work harder. Because we offer financing when other places don’t. And because our reputation means everything to us. We know you choose to come to us, and we appreciate that more than bigger places with bigger advertising budgets and boards and the like. Basically, we’re going to try harder and offer you more. Because we’re small. And because we’re flexible.


Ever been to a mechanic shop and the chairs in the waiting room are all broken or dirty? And the TV’s showing the same five-minute news cycle loop? Hungry but there’s nothing to eat or drink and no decent cafes or restaurants around?

You’re gonna love it here at Gearheads, then. We have comfortable sofas and chairs, Netflix and Spotify and a small kitchen to warm up food or make yourself a cup of coffee. And if you’d rather do some walking, there are a number of awesome little cafes and restaurants close by. Like really close by. Like around the side of our shop and just on the corner close by.

We don’t want you to have to wait very long. But if you have to, we want your time to be comfortable.

Your New Favorite Mechanic’s Shop

Here are a few more things we happily do every day for our customers:

  • Suspension parts replacement
  • CV joint repair and replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Alternator replacement
  • Engine work

If you’re in North Tabor and a reliable auto repair shop is on your shortlist of things to find, or you have to because your car won’t make it very far, give us a call at (503) 427-8227. Or just swing by our place at 7055 NE Glisan St. And if you’d rather reach out to us online first, feel free to fill out our contact form over here.

It may be bold, but we’ll say it anyway…

You’re gonna love Gearheads.

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