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Gearheads Motorworks – the last name in Portland auto repair

Sunnyside. Belmont. Hawthorne. Whatever you call this neighborhood, if you’re familiar with the area then you know this part of Portland is simply cool – cool restaurants, cool houses and cool people. Luckily there’s an equally cool auto repair shop close by (and it may even be Portland’s coolest mechanic’s shop) – Gearheads Motorworks.

What makes us the best little auto repair shop for Sunnyside?

First and foremost is our knowledge of cars combined with our willingness to dive in and get things done. It’s a dirty little secret in the auto repair industry, but a lot of money can be made by churning through simple repair jobs but charging too much for them. Shops that operate like that (and there’s more than you think) won’t be willing to take on more difficult work. It simply takes too much time for them.

That’s not us.

Sunnyside’s Auto Repair Specialists

Here is just a quick list of the services we would be more than happy to help you with:

auto repair shop portland oregon

Old or new, we work hard to make sure your car runs right.

  • Free check engine light diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Free brake inspections
  • Brake jobs to ensure you stop
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance

We can’t say we’ll take all comers, but pretty much. We love cars and love working on them, love getting our customers back on the road with a reliable repair under their belts.

And, unlike most car repair shops in Portland, we work on pre-OBDII vehicles or pre-96 vehicles. If you’ve got an older car, you know what that means and how it sucks to be turned away from a shop because the workers don’t have the know-how to fix a car without a computer telling them what to do.

Come to Gearheads Motorworks. We do.

The Best Warranty in Town

But just fixing a car is next to worthless if the work performed isn’t up to par. That’s why we offer the best warranty in town – 24 months or 24,000 miles guarantee on parts and labor. Most shops will offer 6 months or 6,000 miles. A few brave ones go up to 12 months or 12,000 miles. But 24 months or 24,000 miles – that’s for the shops that know what they’re doing, stand behind their work and are going to be here for you down the road.

That’s us.

And financing? Oh yeah, we offer multiple types of financing. We know repairs can sneak up on you and come out of the blue. Worse yet, a little rattle you’ve put off turns into something serious and then you’re faced with no car or no food for the month. We get it and don’t want that to happen to you. If you know things are a little thin for you, but you also need your car to be safe and functional, come to us. We’re Sunnyside’s best auto repair shop and we’ll make sure you find a reasonable path forward.

Don’t think that when you walk in the front door you’re locked into us fixing your car. We offer free check engine light diagnostics – swing by and we’ll hook your car up tot eh computers and give you an idea of the problem, the costs involved and the timeframe. Same for brake issues – we offer free brake inspections. Maybe it’s just a quick fix, maybe it s a little more serious. Whatever the case, we’ll discuss your options and let you decide. An informed choice is always preferable to having the wool pulled over your eyes.

And if you have to wait for your repair – we’ve got you set up there as well. Relaxing sofas, nice chairs, Netflix and Spotify, a place to make coffee – you’ve never experienced a waiting room like this before. While you wait for your new favorite mechanic shop to finish your Sunnyside vehicle, you’ll be relaxing, worry-free. If you’d rather get some fresh air, you there are numerous nice cafes and shops around that can take care of you as well.

Your New Favorite Mechanic’s Shop

Here are a few more things we happily do everyday for our customers:

auto repair shop portland oregon

Always ready…

  • Suspension parts replacement
  • CV joint repair and replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Alternator replacement
  • Engine work

Car repair shops shouldn’t be intimidating, scary places you dread going. While you may not ever like going to a Portand mechanic’s shop near Sunnyside (Belmont, Hawthorne, whatever) to get your vehicle repaired, at least you can rest assured you’ve found the awesomest shop in Portland to do the work for you. Brake repair, electrical systems, check engine light, custom car repair, muscle cars, or just your old beat-up Subaru wagon handed down from your uncle.

Give Gearheads Motorworks a call today to see if we can fit you in. Or fill out the form for a price quote. Or just come on down and say hello.

We’re happy to help.

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