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Muscle car, hot rod, classic car, rat rod, vintage truck or custom-built vehicle – if you’re driving one of these in the Portland area, you’ll get lots of smiles and rubber-neckers as you drive past. People want to take pictures and talk you up when they see them.

But pull up to many Portland repair shops and you’ll quickly get the cold shoulder.


Experience, for one. Many mechanics simply don’t have the wealth of experience we have here at Gearheads Motorworks. They don’t know how to do something if the computer doesn’t tell them what code to fix. Troubleshooting is more than just repeatedly hooking a vehicle up to the computer and waiting for said computer to tell you what to fix or ignore. It’s knowing about the systems in the vehicles, listening to the owner and figuring out what specifically was done and what’s causing problems.

We do that.

Another issue for many shops is that unfortunately too many mechanics and service managers look at repairing these awesome vehicles as a pain in the butt rather than a rewarding chance to wrench on a living breathing piece of automotive history. Taking the time to work on pre-97 vehicles, OBDI vehicles or anything older than a decade or two isn’t as lucrative for the bigger places as keeping the mechanics churning through small fix after small fix.

Portland auto repair for Pre-OBDII vehicles

If you’ve had trouble getting your classic, vintage or just well-aged car or truck fixed at many of the Portland auto repair shops, you’ve likely run into the

“Classic” is a fluctuating definition – while some cars are always going to be classic, as the years go on, something that was once “popular” can turn into “classic” as time passes.

Whatever you call it, as vehicles age, technology keeps churning forward and sometimes leaves these classic cars in the dust. One example is on-board diagnostics, or OBD. Many shops flat-out refuse to work on vehicles that are pre-OBD2 (or OBDII for the Roman numeral enthusiasts). The reasons for their refusal are many, but as mentioned above, it often boils down to a lack of experience and a desire to churn through as many vehicles as possible in a day.

That’s not us. We take pride in our workmanship and in our ability to work on pre-OBDII vehicles, customized cars, unique cars, tuned and rodded-out cars and trucks of all types. Whether it’s brake work, engine work, changing the catalytic converter or simply figuring out what the heck is wrong, bring it on by.

We offer the best warranty in town and a sweet place to wait while we work on your classic car. Oh, and our prices are more than reasonable. Give us a call to see what we can do for you. And who knows, you may have just found the last Portland mechanic shop you’ll ever need.

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