Your Engine Doesn't Fix Itself.

Listen to your check engine light.

The dreaded check engine light. So cryptic – telling you there’s a problem, but not what it is, how serious it is, how long you can ignore it for or anything.

Next time your check engine light comes on, swing by Gearheads Motorworks – we’ll hook it up to the computer and find out what it means… for free.

That’s right – we run free diagnostics upon request. The codes we get back from your vehicle’s computer will give us a pretty good idea what the problem is and what you are looking at in terms of how soon you need to fix it and what it might cost you.

Free is a Nice Price

Is it a cure-all? Of course not. Before the days of on-board diagnostics (or OBD), working on cars was much more of a trial and error profession. It doesn’t mean old-school mechanics knew less about cars – in many ways they had to know more because they didn’t have the luxury of a computer telling them what’s wrong.

The awesomest mechanic shop in Portland (that’s us) has the best of both worlds – we’ve got the computers to tell us what’s wrong in general terms as well as a wealth of experience to back up the computer codes with real-world knowledge.

See, just looking at a computer code might be able to tell you there’s a problem with the transmission, but by listening to your driving experience, looking at the condition of the vehicle’s undercarriage and giving it a quick test-drive, on occasion, we’ll be able to better figure out what it is that’s actually wrong with your vehicle. And more importantly how quickly you need to get the work done.

Sure, getting every repair done right away is the best bet. We’d be remiss to not say that. But not every issue is an immediate crisis, either. Sometimes it’s okay to wait for some repairs – and that’s when our experience and flexibility comes in.

We’re a small shop and we’ll be able to deal with you one-on-one. The person you speak to in the office is most likely the one wrenching on your vehicle or, at most, will be able to directly tell the person who is. We don’t have service managers and customer relations experts – it’s just us doing the work and communicating directly with the customer.

So the next time your check engine light comes on and won’t go off, or your vehicle starts smelling bad when you drive it, or if there’s a new or different noise coming from under the hood or under the car, come by Gearheads Motorworks. We’ll hook it up to the computer and give you an accurate idea of what’s actually going on before you pay a single cent.

Rock-Solid Warranty

And if you decide to take the plunge and have the finest mechanic shop in Portland do the work (that’d be us) – you know you’re in good hands with the best warranty in Portland – 24 months or 24,000 miles. Nobody in town offers anything better – we know, we’ve checked. And nobody in town is cooler than the Gearheads Crew. We have to admit, we haven’t checked that, but come on – we’re too busy fixing cars to worry about that.

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