People talk.
And they say good things about us.

Our work speaks for itself.

We know we’re one of the best garages in Portland. We offer the best warranty in town and have unmatched flexibility.

But when other people say we’re awesome, it not only backs up what we’re saying … it’s humbling as well. And it lets us know we’re on the right path.

We want to provide amazing service at reasonable prices. And that’s what we do. In fact, we do it so well, people sometimes reach out to say how much they appreciate our work.

Here are just a few of the comments…

These guys are very reliable and outstanding in their services. I had them do some check ups on my engine today and they were so awesome.

Helen Hamilton

These guys know their stuff and even though I came from a different city to buy the car (won’t be a regular customer), they still treated me with honesty and respect. Highly Recommended - These guys are a class act and I’ll be back if at GearHeads if I buy again in Portland.

Tom Stevens

The Gearheads team made sure I understood what was going wrong with my car and how to fix it. They didn't make me feel ignorant for knowing NOTHING about cars, and that's why they're the best.

Michael A. Espinoza

I highly recommend taking your vehicle here. Great prices, honest, and super friendly mechanics with a quick turn around rate!

Jeff Kelly​

Everything was laid out for me and made simple. No hidden costs or unneeded repairs. But the best part was that they were as excited about working on my classic Nova as I was about having it fixed.  

Viper Black​

Some of the most professional people I've met. Always approach their work with dedication and integrity and strive to serve in the interest of their customers. I did timing belt, power steering pump, brakes and wheels bearings with them for my Subaru and their work is top notch at a super reasonable price. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs work done to their cars.

Zip F.

I have had nothing but great experiences. They always try to find the absolute cheapest most efficient way of fixing their customers cars and are always extremely easy going and courteous. 

Mary Johnson​

I love hanging out with the guys over at Gearheads Motorworks. I started taking my 95 Toyota Tacoma here two years back and I haven't been to another mechanic since.

Jake Bevis​

Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure my car is in fine shape. It's a relief to have it running well (and without leaks). So, I respect and appreciate your efforts on my behalf, and I bet you treat your other customers just as well. Thanks again.

Mel Solomon

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